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Meet Charlie Weyer


April 20, 2016  by Jody White The Costa FLW Series event on Clear Lake presented by Mercury is the second stop of the Western Division season. In recent years, the FLW Series has usually visited Clear (widely regarded as the best lake in the world) in the early fall,...

Into The Spotlight

Do you know Charlie Weyer? If you answered no, that’s not surprising. After all, he refers to himself as “that quiet guy.”

Charlie Weyer – FLW Tour Pro & BASSMASTER Champion interview

Bass Angler Headquarters catches up with Charlie Weyer just before he heads to Smith Lake, the second stop on the FLW Tour. This West Coast pro’s accomplishments include 1st Place, FLW Series 2007, Columbia River, Kennewick, WA; 1st Place, Bassmaster Tour 2004, Smith...

Charlie Weyer – Delta Fishing Report Video

B.A.S.S. and FLW champion Charlie Weyer gives a California Delta fishing report. Check out this video by Jody Only and

Bass Boat Incentives to Buy

Hull shape, deck room, compartment size, speed, comfort – there are a multitude of factors to consider when purchasing a bass boat and for tournament anglers in the market, contingency plans are one or more to add to the list. Republished with permission Story &...

The Trash Fish Factory

With 25 years of making baits in his past, Benno Heune hit the bull’s eye with the design of Little Creeper’s All American Trash Fish. Republished with permission Story & Photos By Jody Only – As seen in Bass Angler magazine – Summer 2012 – Get it...

Big Senkos Big Bass

“Big fish like big, loud, obnoxious baits and 9X Senko looks like a big crawdad-a big meal,” explained B.A.S.S. and FLW champion Charlie Weyer. “Big bass are picky that is how come they are big and they want a big meal“;Read the rest of this article over on...

Late Summer Spawn

“It’s the last day of July and there are pre-spawn bass all over; they don’t even have one mark and there are plenty of ’em that are full of eggs,” exclaimed Bassmaster and FLW champion Charlie Weyer. Read the rest of this article over on Westernbass > Story &...

Fishing the Flutter Spoon Video

Charlie Weyer shows Bass Angler Magazine readers the ins and out of fishing the big flutter spoon for bass

Rigging & Fishing a Shakey Head

Charlie Weyer explains the finer points of shakey head fishing for Bass Angler magazine readers

The D-Shad plastic jerk bait

Charlie Weyer explains how to use a soft jerk bait. A video by Jody Only The D-Shad is a new breed of soft plastic jerk bait. It has a streamlined body designed to give that side-to-side twitching action, but the tail is thicker and heavier so when you kill the bait...

Delta Square-bills

By Charlie Weyer Shallow waters, emergent and submerged weeds and wood and big Florida-strain largemouths all go hand in hand with the word flipping.  And, while the California Delta is known as the birthplace of flipping, there’s another technique that doesn’t play...

Four-by-Fouring a Jig

GYCB National Pro-Staff There are a number of reasons why I bass fish: I love the competition, I like to be outdoors and I like to catch fish are a few of them. But one of the real reasons I bass fish is because I love to figure out the puzzle. Bass fishing is a very...

Clear Lake Bass Fishing Report Video

B.A.S.S. and FLW champion Charlie Weyer gives a Clear Lake fishing report. Check out this video by Jody Only and


Taking My Fishing Career To New Heights!

Taking My Fishing Career To New Heights!

With the help from Pro Angler Hub I am excited to take my career to new heights! I will be spending plenty of time traveling both on and off the water and can not wait to see what the tour schedule brings!